You've taken the first step to making a decision that could have a huge improvement in your quality of life.

GAINSWave provides a nearly permanent fix for men suffering from ED, and we are happy to offer it. It's extremely rewarding for us to see the happiness and confidence that comes with getting dependable, strong erections again.

What to Do Next

Keep an eye on your email for follow up messages that you may find useful as you learn more about the procedure. You'll also receive an email with a download link for the eBook.

When you are ready, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Patel. He is happy to give his honest opinion for any questions. Absolutely No pressure, No obligation. Just education. 

Dr. Patel continues to do the GAINSWave procedure personally on his patients. Some practices use a technician to do the actual procedure. This allows him to modify and adapt the procedure as necessary for better results. Nearly 100% of his patients have had satisfactory improvement.