COVID-19 Mega Update

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COVID-19 Updates - Bhavesh Patel, MD

COVID-19 Mega Update (PDF)

My assessment of the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 Pandemic as of Mid April 2020, with my recommendations on safely re-entering society post quarantine. It's 22 pages, comprehensive and pretty detailed, but still an easy read. 

  • Where Are We with the Virus? Risk of Getting the Virus • Outcome of COVID-19 infections
  • What Is Under Your Control
  • Building a Strong Immune System
    • Immune System Basics • Food and Diet • Detoxification • Exercise • Sleep and Stress • Medical Health Considerations • Immune Boosting Supplements
  • Symptoms - Testing - Treatment
    • Symptoms • Virus Testing • Unusual Presentations of COVID-19 • Blood Types • Antibody Testing • Plasma Donation
    • Medications • Hydroxychloroquine • Cardiac risk considerations
  • Reintegrating Into Society
    • Preparation • Using Personal Protection Equipment • Handwashing, Gloves, Hand Sanitizer • Masks

COVID-19 Live Zoom Panel with Q&A
(video) - Reflections on Coronavirus. Real world experiences and observations.

Watch the replay: Fellow Cenegenics colleagues of mine engage in a lively discussion of what we are seeing on the front lines, as well as our take on risks, treatments, and future direction of the pandemic. 30 mins discussion, 30 mins Live Q&A.

COVID-19 Live Zoom Panel #2 with Q&A
(video) - Getting Back to Business Post-Quarantine

My colleagues and I reconvene to discuss more about COVID-19 with a focus on safely returning to the workplace. Antibody testing, distancing, return to work strategies, opportunities. 30 min discussion, 30 min Q&A.

I hope the content above is helpful, illuminating and empowering for you. There is a lot of commentary and noise out there about COVID-19, but I wanted to take the latest updates about the virus and bring some common sense, pragmatic ways to think about it from the community front lines. If I can be of help, feel free to email me at